Our Industry Experience

We have worked with several customers from across the globe in different industries.

Retail and Ecommerce

We have helped several E Commerce platforms to choose and implement right identity and Access management services. We have helped several of our partners with E-commerce sites and mobile applications.

Insurance & Banking

We have helped several of our customers to develop and set up ERP solutions along with digitizing their products.


We have helped several our universities partners to implement open-source solutions and school partners to deliver online education during the pandemic.

Government and Non-Profit

We have offered several services to help digitize citizen services in cost effective and efficient way improving services and citizen satisfaction.


Enabled several customers to improve offerings and implement modern technologies like IOT, Open Banking, Blockchain.


Helped our partner to enable E Auction for the acquired assets resulting in a sizable difference between the returns.

Helped develop solutions to increase transparency and trust across the stakeholders from claim request, survey to settlement process which also resulted into customer satisfaction and reduced cost.